Remee Introduces Renewable Energy Cables to the Solar Market


The company says its cables can be used in many applications required by photovoltaic systems, such as motor tracker cable for directional control of single-axis or dual-axis solar panels. Solar panels utilize copper PV wires which are strung together, resulting in a positive and negative PV cable at the end of the rows.

Copper PV harnesses – or strings – carry the power generated from each row to the combiner box (input), which is then carried by aluminum PV cables (output) to the inverter, which converts DC current to AC current. The inverter is then connected to a transformer to step up the voltage (low- to medium-), where it ultimately terminates at the substation. Fiber optic cable is used for communication between motors and blocks of solar panels to a final data and/or MET station.

Wind turbine towers contain renewable energy cables, particularly various types of multi- and single-conductor cables including instrumentation, control and power cables, which are connected to transformers located within the nacelle or the base of the tower.

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